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Green Goddess Cleaner 16oz

Green Goddess

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Green Goddess Is The Proper Liquid Cleaner For Water s, Glass s, & Hookah's. Fast Acting & Easy To Use, You Will See Immediate Results Without Scrubbing Or Waiting. Green Goddess Cleaner Is Earth Friendly & Brightens Glass Without Any After Taste Or Smells. Made in Canada, Green Goddess 16 Ounce Cleaner Is Isopropyl Alcohol-Based To Help Clean Those Stubborn Stains. ** Note: Cleaner May Damage Acrylic & Some Metals. Do Not Soak For More Than 5 Minutes. Green Goddess Cleaner Features: * Size: 16oz Bottle * Re-Useable * Isopropyl Alcohol-Based * Scrubbing Agitator To Help Clean Stubborn Stains * Immediate Results * No Scrubbing Or Waiting * No After Taste Or Smell * Earth Friendly * Brightens Glass * Made in Canada

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