Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Additional verification is required the first time ordering. Please snap a picture of a piece of printed mail and your I'd and send them both to

Yes. This also waives any coverage placed on your packages by us due to the fact that we have to trust that it gets to you by the shipping service. Shipping insurance may still be available via the courier depending on location. Still, We will always recommend a signature required on your nice items.

Email us after the purchase at and we will make the proper notes. No worries!

We do not do holds of any sort. Layaway is our option with 50% non-refundable deposit and the other 50% plus shipping within 60 days.

we would be happy to help you, just copy the product info into an email to and we will reply with instructions on how to place the deposit online.

we would be happy to help you, just copy the product info into an email to and we will reply with instructions on how to place the deposit online.

No. We try to generate excitement for our sale days for our customers. For this reason, the sale day is the day to get the discount. Of you really want a discount, perhaps share some cool pictures with #culturerising and show the counter staff, they may have a code for your continued support.

While there are many opinions of how to explain how long a stem is we need specific details to make sure that it extends far enough to be submerged but short enough not to bottom out. To achieve this we ask customers to request their replacement parts by giving us the exact length from the top of the “ground joint” to the bottom of the percolation stem, it is usually best to then round your number to the nearest centimeter making sure to consider clearances.

Please understand first that we DO NOT EVER WANT DIRTY GLASS IN STORE!!! Repairs are not done in store, however we do wish to help. What we may be able to offer is a service that connects our customers to the incredible team of glass artists that we work with locally. To get referred to someone who can help you, send a few pictures of your broken piece being sure to get everything in focus from a few angles and we’ll give you a few contacts for people that may be able to blow new life into your old friend. Due to long wait times for customers and the requirement of custom quoting, we do not give in store estimates. You will be contacted by one of our artists directly and they will tell you how to ship the glass to one of their studios once you have fully cleaned it and confirmed that the glass is free of even the smallest specks of dirt. This is imperative as they will be forever trapped in the glass once it’s liquified and brought back to room temperature. There are no promises or guarantees with repairs, glass is unpredictable once it’s been chilled and even trying to get things up to a workable temp can cause the whole thing to explode. If you have read all that and still want to try, Contact us at include when and where you purchased the item and we’ll go from there.

Many of the items displayed online are singular items that are only available in one store and once gone are gone for good. If the item is in stock online we can direct you to which store it’s located in to visit it before you purchase. However unless it’s put on layaway we will reserve the right to sell it to the first person who places a 50% deposit. Our online system is updated daily but please feel free to call us or email and we can tell you more accurately what may be in stock.